The HTI Group combines innovative solutions and sustainable products in the fields of winter sports technology, urban mobility, material transport, snow and vegetation management, as well as renewable energies. As developers and manufacturers, the companies of HTI are drivers of innovation and are active worldwide.


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The success of our Group is based on innovation, diversification, sustainability and internationalization.



The Group is active worldwide and guarantees the highest quality in the production, consulting, organization and handling of projects around the globe.


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Constantly increasing investments in the expansion of company sites and production capacities contribute to the expansion of our global market position.



Securing, expanding and further developing our human resources are the basis for the highest product quality, research, further development and service competence.


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The commitment to growing investments in research and development therefore unites the Group across all business units.



As a group operating globally, we rely on flexibility and proximity to customers.

Business Units

Winter Ropeways

For us, mobility in the mountains has always been more than just transportation. The defining drive to be the global benchmark in comfort, safety and design motivates us to this day, and ensures responsible movement in sensitive environments. This is based on high-tech solutions with a strong focus on functionality, sustainability and innovations developed in-house.

Urban Transportation

With us, the ropeways are returning to the urban areas. They manage to meet individual needs in terms of traffic planning and topography like no other means of transport. As a result, ropeways are becoming an efficient alternative for passenger transport in more and more cities and offer mobility that is particularly environmentally friendly, space-saving and cost-efficient at the same time.

Entertainment & Tourism

Our ropeways provide unique access to many spectacular experiences. Whether for exploring amusement parks, as an environmentally friendly feeder in nature parks or as a place for unique moments in one of the world's most famous Ferris wheels: Ropeways are an integral part of many attractions and provide moving moments that will be remembered.

Material Transportation

Full performance and maximum environmental protection: Material ropeways operate reliably, fully automatically and cost-effectively. In addition, they contribute to the fact that the construction of temporary infrastructure measures – such as the construction of new roads – can be dispensed with in the case of large construction projects. Material ropeways perform well in even the most difficult terrain and save countless truck kilometers.

Snow Groomers

Our snow groomers guarantee a perfect finish in any field of use: from steep descents to cross-country ski trails and tracks for snowmobiles right up to snow parks. The combination of innovative technology, digital services and comprehensive know-how enables economical, sustainable and high-quality slope grooming. Vehicles with hydrogen and electric drives make us a trailblazer.

Crawler Carriers

With large payloads, high speeds, low ground pressure, state-of-the-art engine technology and a focus on safety, our crawler carriers enable efficient and sustainable off-road work. They can be equipped with a variety of attachments and are suitable for all types of operations such as  energy supply projects, construction, and environmental remediation.

Vegetation Management

Whether  land clearing work, the maintenance of traffic routes, the removal of damaged wood, infrastructure measures, right-of-way  maintenance or the harvesting of biomass, our carrier vehicles, tree trimmers, and attachments enable the sustainable management of vegetation. They are also known for their reliability, exceptional quality, performance and efficiency.


As a full-service provider for ski resorts, we are also one of the leading international companies for turnkey snowmaking systems and snow guns. The solutions are carefully adapted to local geographical requirements and are designed to ensure the most economical use of water, compressed air and energy resources.

Dust, Odor and Fire Suppression

Innovative technologies to improve air quality are offered by our water-based nebulizing systems for binding dust and odors, as well as machines for disinfection, humidity and temperature control. The product range, which is based on many years of experience in environmental technology, also includes fire protection solutions.

Wind and Hydro Power

Renewable energy creates sustainable added value in our portfolio. Already the market leader in Italy in the category from 250 to 1,000 kW, we combine the design, construction and installation of wind turbines with unique technologies for maximum efficiency. We round off our energy portfolio with hydropower products up to 90,000 kW of rated power and support the global energy transition with concentrated know-how.

Renewable Energy

Acting responsibly starts with oneself: We are committed to renewable energy and are pushing ahead with its expansion. With the operation of several photovoltaic plants at various locations, we are investing in the future of global climate and in the modernization of our infrastructure at the same time. Our wind farms, which already produce 60 million kWh of electricity annually, also contribute to this.

Resort Management

Digitalization creates completely new opportunities for the sustainable operation of ski resorts. The resort management platform developed by us combines all the necessary instruments for the networked use of essential data and makes it usable and controllable in real time via just one account. This keeps everything important in sight – for even more transparency and efficiency.